Chop-Chop was designed by:
Grace Nicklin, Wes Thomas and Greg Wolos

Contact us for information and inquiries.

Special thanks to our extended crew:
Jason Ruff, Justin Wan, Todd Vanderlin, Davis Vanderlin, Tracey Milne, Lauren Kim, and Tom Kershaw

Photo and video credit to:
Chris Wright, Ryan Habbyshaw, Tom Kershaw, Colin Raney, Dan Deruntz, and Greg Wolos.

Thank you to our installation team:

Dirk Ahlgrim
Fran Barros & Family
Becky Bermont & Family
Abba Binns
Heather Boesch
James Brevard
Matt Brown
Otto Deruntz
Dan Deruntz
Ashley Grullemans
Ryan Habbyshaw
Rebecca Hornbuckle & Family
Tom Kershaw

Lauren Kim
Noona Kim
Tiffany Knight
Michelle Kwasny & Family
Marie Ledger
Sophy Lee
Ethan Lee
Rhonda Leroque
Jim Madsen
Everett Madsen
Sullivan Madsen

Pepper McCormick
Jeff Mekler
Tracey Milne
Adam Moulter
Jeff Olinger
Bruno Olmedo
Bri Patawaran
Gerard Patawaran
Camille Pohl
Colin Raney

Jason Robinson
Jason Ruff
Ashley Shaffer
Mitch Sinclair
Angel Tran
Lindsey Turner
Todd Vanderlin
Davis Vanderlin
Justin Wan
Chris Wright
Yael Yungster

Grace Nicklin
is an artist and design researcher.

Wes Thomas
is an architectural designer and technologist.

Greg Wolos
is an industrial designer and engineer.